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Renovation Advice and Consulting for Sydney - Who are we?

We're a young Sydney couple who, put simply, can't sit still.

We began our first project by taking on the challenge of painting and re-flooring a 4 story townhouse top to bottom.

18 weeks and 100 litres of paint later, we were done. Finally we had our weekends back and enjoyed being able to wake up, head to the beach and have a coffee.

Pretty soon, we started getting the itch. Coffee just wasn't cutting it anymore. 

Fast forward to October 2013 and we purchased our current home and took on the ultimate challenge, restoring and renovating a 1920’s California Bungalow that hadn’t been loved for over 70 years.

Through our passion and sheer determination, we have had the pleasure and experienced the turbulence of taking this project on.

We now want to share what we have learnt, the challenges we faced and provide guidance to those wanting to take on the most rewarding, and at times trying, project in their lives.